PV+Energy Storage+Heat Pump+EV Charger

The Company can provide customers with 'PV+Energy Storage+Heat Pump+EV Charger' combined system, which integrates low-cost power generation with power storage, realizing clean, efficient and cost-efficient energy end use.

The system includes PV module, hybrid inverter, energy storage battery module and air-source heat pump and/or EV charger.


Integrated Solution

The PV module adopts high-efficient mono-crystalline cells, which can be installed on the roof or ground according to the specific situation of users to better achieve clean and low-cost power supply. The energy storage module stores part of the electricity generated by the photovoltaic module and uses it at night or when the light is poor, therefore improving the utilization rate of the solar panels and reducing the use cost; while the air-source heat pump module uses heat pumps for heating, which can save 70% of electricity.