KEY – The Energy Transition Expo is scheduled from 28th February to 1st March 2024 at Rimini Expo Center in Italy.

KEY – The Energy Transition Expo is scheduled from 28th February to 1st March 2024 at Rimini Expo Center in Italy.


SolarEast, unswervingly devoted to exploring overseas market in recent years, also attended the Expo, which is regarded as the benchmark event in Southern Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean basin for the renewable energy market.

At Booth No. B7-144, SolarEast will showcase its latest offerings in energy storage system, among which are rack-mounted ESS, stack-mounted ESS and hybrid inverters. What’s worth mentioning is a stack-mounted battery system that has won quite a few orders from global customers in the last 6 months. With a modular design and furniture style that goes together with homes, it is characterized by easy installation and complete certifications.


In addition to efficient and smart energy storage products, SolarEast also displays characteristic “PV + Energy Storage + Heat Pump + EV Charger” integrated solutions, which ensure the customers to enjoy free power generation, uninterrupted power supply and high-efficient power consumption as a whole.


SolarEast expects your presence at our booth, where we can discuss various avenues of cooperation between our two companies.



KEY - The Energy Transition Expo is the most important European event dedicated to technologies, services, integrated solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energies in Italy and the Mediterranean basin, the place to highlight the acceleration of energy and climate policies and the opportunities opening up in the market.


SolarEast is a leading clean energy solution provider in China


At the event, we showcase:

  • a series of residential energy storage products
  • Zero Carbon Home solutions featuring PV + ESS + Heat Pump + EV Charger
  • Industrial & Commercial ESS